Friday, 6 September 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick and Lip Pencil

Ever since I saw Samantha Schuerman mention this particular lipstick, i've been lusting after it! I've always been a massive Urban Decay fan, and I'm loving all of the new products they've been releasing.

First of all, the packaging goes along the same theme as the Naked Skin foundation, in a beautiful gunmetal colour. It's quite sleek and cute, but the only thing that really bothers me is how fingerprints really show up everytime you touch it. It is however, a massive improvement on their old lipstick packagaing, which had a sharp little dagger sticking out from the end.

The colour I purchased is "Bang" - apolgies for the state of this lipstick, I clumsily caught the top of it on the lid while opening it! :( The colour itself is a bright orange red, which I find would suit a lot of skin tones - from fair to very dark.

To go along with this I also purchased the matching lip pencil, which does actually match it perfectly.

Swatched side by side, you can see how pigmented these two truly are, I am so impressed! The lipstick has a slightly thicker formula, but it is not too glossy, as I personally dislike gloss in a pigmented lipstick. On me, this lipstick lasted an extremely long time, even after eating a meal. The colour does fade slightly, but it fades evenly.

I personally love these two formulas together, and I would definitely like to pick up some more shades! Well done, Urban Decay!

Available on the Debenhams website. Lipstick £15, Lip Pencil £13.

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