Sunday, 19 October 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette; review & swatches

Urban Decay is without a doubt my favourite brand for eyeshadow palettes. I'm not shy to colour, and I love a good creamy, pigmented eyeshadow. I already own the previous Vice palettes - I like the first more than the second - and the third is actually even more beautiful.

The packaging is very cool and eye-catching, though slightly odd as it doesn't quite match the others that say "UD" on the front. The palette comes in a nice little pouch that can definitely be used as a makeup bag, or just something to store the palette in, as I can imagine it could end up quite scratched, like the shiny gold YSL packaging tends to.

The palette doesn't have the funky button to open it like the previous, but it still opens nicely with a magnetic closure and a mirror that stands up - perfect for travelling!

The first thing that stood out to me is that the shades actually seem to be in columns of colours that might work well together, and the palette contains more neutrals than most UD palettes. I think having more neutrals is great, as it means that I can just use this palette, without needing to grab for blending or highlighting shades elsewhere.

Swatched in columns, left to right.
Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF, Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown, Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Bobby Dazzle
Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic, Last Sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver

As you can see in the swatches, the overall quality is great, as you would expect from UD shadows. I'm glad that there aren't any super chunky, shimmery shades in this, as they tend to leave a lot of fallout. A few of the shades are slightly powdery (mainly the lighter neutrals) but they're still very pigmented, kind of like Lorac Pro eyeshadows. Some of the particularly impressive shades are Dragon, Freeze, Lucky, Reign, and Sonic.

I can honestly say that this has become my current favourite palette, I can't stop using it, and I still haven't used every shade on my eyes, as there are just so many options! I would recommend this to anyone, as there are a great selection of warm, cool, natural and bright shades.

In the UK, I believe the palette will be released on Urban Decay on October 27th, and in stores that stock Urban Decay on November 1st.
Get it while you can!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

MAC Brooke Shields: Gravitas 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

One of MAC's latest limited edition collections is the Brooke Shields collection. Initially I wasn't interested in at all, until I set my eyes on the beautiful Gravitas palette. Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness, and though I definitely do not need any more, I just couldn't resist the perfect selection of neutral shades in this one!

The packaging is the same as MAC's regular 15 pan pro palettes, but with grey plastic and an orange logo. These palettes feel very sturdy and look professional, they'd be great in a makeup artist's kit. The texture of the shadows is relatively consistent, but I find that MAC shades aren't as soft to the touch as some shadows, for example Urban Decay, though they do still have good pigmentation.

 (L to R)Top row: Pretty, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Clove, Satin Taupe
Middle row: Canter, Luscious, Antiqued, Pysche, Carbon
Bottom row: Shroom, Persuade, Plummed, Lofty, Pepper

Swatched with no primer on bare skin

There are quite a few very popular MAC shades in this palette, such as Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Satin Taupe, Shroom, etc. If you don't already have those shades, I would definitely recommend this palette for you. For me, it has everything I'd need except for a matte highlight shade. A matte white or cream shade would have perfected this palette in my opinion.

The palette is £70, which is £5 more than the warm/cool neutral palettes they stock permanently.

The palette is sold out on MAC's website, but they may still be available at counters - I purchased mine at my local debenhams MAC counter. I've read that they may be available on the debenhams website "around the 9th of October", so keep a look out tomorrow!

Did you buy the palette?
What do you think?

Thanks for reading!
Bee xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cocktail Cosmetics Haul: Lime Crime, OCC, Sigma!

A few days ago I posted about my visit to the new Cocktail Cosmetics store in Birmingham, where I obviously had to purchase a few bits, so here is my haul!

Firstly I headed straight for the Lime Crime display since I've never had a chance to try any of their products before. They had an amazing selection of products, including testers to try out. I would've left the store with a rainbow on my hand had there not been any wipes!

Red Velvet Velvetine, Serpentina Opaque Lipstick, Airborne Unicorn Opaque Lipstick, My Beautiful Rocket Opaque Lipstick, Wicked Velvetine.

Do I even need to comment on the amazing packaging?! The middle lipstick is the regular packaging, the other two are the 6th year anniversary packaging.

You're probably wondering why I picked a metallic green, lilac-purple, and bright orange... So am I! I'm very comfortable wearing bright colours - reds, purples, hot pinks, etc, so I decided that it was time to become a little more adventurous. I've worn all of these colours (inside the house so far!) and I actually really love all of them - even the green, I could definitely see myself wearing it out.

Swatches: My Beautiful Rocket, Serpentina, Airborne Unicorn

I'm very impressed with the formula of the lipsticks, especially Serpentina, which is surprisingly smooth considering the sparkle! I haven't tested how long wearing they are yet, but I don't think there will be an issue, the swatches were difficult to remove.

The next things I grabbed were two velvetines - I knew I wanted Wicked before I even entered the store, and I went back for Red Velvet because I knew I'd regret not buying it.

Wicked, Red Velvet

Swatches: Wicked, Red Velvet

These swatches really don't do the Velvetines justice - they go on so smooth and opaque. They can be a little tricky to apply as they're a liquid lipstick, so it's best to not use these in a rush. Once they dry they become completely matte - with a velvet finish - hence the name.

The most impressive thing about these is that they just don't come off. The swatches are still faintly visible on my arm even after scrubbing, showering, etc. I tested Wicked when going for a meal, and it stayed put perfectly. Definitely my new favourite shade!

Sigma's Tapered Highlighter F35

Considering brushes are my weakness, I did very well to only come away with one. I've purchases a few Sigma brushes in the past, but I have always wanted a brush of this shape for under the eyes/highlighting. The brush itself is very soft, and I really enjoy using it. Unfortunately, Sigma are a lot less affordable than they used to be, their prices are similar to MAC's now.

Lastly, is an OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tar in Hush. It's a light peachy nude, that may be slightly to pale for me to wear alone, so I think I'll be picking up a deeper colour next time. The great thing about these is that all shades can be mixed to create your own customised lip colour.

Swatch: Hush Lip Tar

In the swatch it doesn't look too light, but on the lips it appears as a very light nude.

Freebie - with the Sigma brush I received a free mini brush cleaning glove which I have always wanted to try, I'll let you know how it is!

I really like everything I purchased and can't wait to go back for more, I would love to collect all of the Lime Crime colours, they're so unique.

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you think I should try next?

Thanks for reading!
Bee xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Revolution: Blush & Contour Palette

Revolution is a new brand to Superdrug which is very affordable - prices are comparable to MUA. So far I have only tested a concealer (which I wasn't fond of) and a lipstick (which was definitely decent) but I really wanted to get my hands on one of their Blush & Contour palettes before I judged the brand. This palette retails for £6, which sounds like a bargain for 8 shades!

I like their packaging, simple black with rose gold - very on trend, and not cheap looking at all.

I really love that they include pictures of the shades on the outer packaging, and that they actually do match the powders inside.

Again, the actual packaging of the product is very sleek, professional looking and definitely something I would add to my professional kit.

Blush & Contour Palette - Hot Spice

The colours in the pans are beautiful to look at, 2 shades seem to be matte, 3 have a slight sheen, 1 has small glitter particles, and the 2 on the right have an almost metallic highlight effect.

Here are the shades swatched from left to right. They are definitely all very pigmented, though they are slightly powdery when you dip a brush in. However, this does not cause them to have a patchy appearance when applied to the skin.

I don't usually have a problem with blushes not lasting, so they last just about as well as any other blush.

The one concern that I have with this product is they are claiming it can be used for contouring. None of these shades would be suitable for that on any skintone, they are all far too peachy and warm. I think they should have named it "Blush & Highlight Palette"

Overall I am pleased with the product and will definitely continue to use it, I think I will also pick up the pink toned version of this.

Let me know if you've tried this, or any other products from Revolution. Did you like them?
What would you recommend from the brand?

Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Cocktail Cosmetics

Cocktail Cosmetics just opened their first store in Birmingham, at the Custard Factory (near to Digbeth coach station). The shop is in a lovely area with a lot of vintage stores, which include clothing, furniture and homewares.

The outside of the store is very cute and inviting, it looks like they have put a lot of effort into the appearance of the shop itself.

Inside the store is decorated with flowers and cute little decorations all over, I would definitely love this to be my bedroom!

Their Lime Crime display is where I spent most of my time (and money!) because it's so difficult to find outside of the USA, I've never had a chance to get a look at the products and swatch them before.

Opposite from Lime Crime is Sugarpill, one of my favourite brands for eyeshadows, definitely worth a try if you like to experiment with colour.

They also stock Sigma brushes and Z-Palettes, and if you're a big fan of makeup brushes like me, this is heaven! Above, which didn't quite make it into the picture, are Skindinavia setting sprays.

There is a large selection of OCC products, it's hard to choose which colours to buy! What's great about these is that you can mix the colours to create your own shade, and a little bit of product goes a very long way. Below, are some makeup sponges and EOS lip balms, another cult favourite for those who have access to them.

There are also a few more brands that I have never heard of, such as Neve Cosmetics, which is a cruelty free makeup brand from Italy.

And for those who love candles, they stock a huge range of candles, some in very unique scents!

Currently there is an opportunity to be entered into a free prize draw if you make a purchase at the store by 29th August. The gift basket contains over £300 worth of Sigma and Lime Crime products! The winner will be drawn instore on 2nd September at 10:30, and will be announced on their website, facebook and twitter.

My experience in the store was amazing - the staff were lovely, very friendly and easy to talk to, and they allowed me to look around and swatch as much as I liked without pushing me into buying anything, like I have experienced at some makeup counters. I will definitely be returning as soon as I can to get my hands on some more goodies!

If you don't live local to Birmingham, they have an online website with all of their products here.

If you do visit the store, let me know what you thought and what you purchased :)

Thanks for reading.
Bee xx

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

This release was so exciting to me, I went straight out to buy it. I've been told multiple different things about the release date; online says 20th August, my local YSL counter said the 10th. Regardless of whatever the official release date is, my local counter said they would sell it to me early, though they were not allowed to advertise this. 

It seems there was a huge hype surrounding this release, glamour magazine wrote that there are 12,000 women on the waiting list to buy it (hmm, not so sure... I'd assume it's actually a waiting list for samples).

 I matched myself to the shade B10, which matches me very well (I don't trust other people tmatch me anymore, I was once matched to BR40!) I'm an NC15 in MAC, B10 in Chanel for reference.

What it claims:
The art of a perfect complexion without compromise, 24-hour wear and comfort. Flawless coverage for a perfectly even and luminous matte finish. A new hybrid technology for a texture as light and fine as ink, yet perfectly concealing. The result is natural and imperceptible, offering all women the freedom of a perfect complexion all day long.

The truth:
I can't say I've tested it for 24 hours, but really, who would?! I definitely do agree that it feels very comfortable on the skin, this comes down to it being so thin and liquidy - but not greasy - in texture. I find that it has a light to medium coverage, which only builds to medium, with a semi-matte finish. "Luminous matte" is actually a good description of this, it's matte enough for oily skin, but it doesn't make you look flat or unhealthy. The result is very natural, it's almost invisible on the skin, unless you have dry areas, which it can tend to cling to and accentuate.

YSL Le Teint Encre De Peau B10 swatched, partially blended

Blended fully with fingertips, almost invisible on the skin.

I have very oily skin all year round, most foundations become oily and start to break up after 4-6 hours. This lasts quite well, and doesn't so much break up and look gross as it does simply get shiny and fade away, which I definitely prefer! It helps to use good oil controlling skincare and a nice fine powder with any
 makeup if you have the same problems as me, but this foundation will last even longer if you take these steps.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this if you have normal to oily skin, though perhaps not if you struggle with dry patches.

A free 7 day trial is available in Debenhams stores, I'd definitely suggest that you try it.

The product is available now online and instore at Debenhams for £30.50 - there is currently an offer on to receive 1500 beauty club card points (£15 to spend) if you spend over £50 on YSL.

Did you like this foundation? Tell me your thoughts :)

Thanks for reading!
Bee xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My MAC Lipsticks

  I really do love a good MAC lipstick, I suppose you could say they're a guilty pleasure of mine - if you see me at a MAC counter, my hand will no doubt be covered in lipstick swatches. Realistically though, you can find amazing lipsticks for a much lower price elsewhere, but nothing beats the amazing selection of colours that MAC produce.

One thing I must mention though, is the frequent price increase. MAC recently raised the price to £15.50, which is starting to become a little bit steep for me. Just a few years ago I remember purchasing them for £13.50 each!

I currently have 9 shades in my collection, and as you can see I'm a big fan of colour on my lips. I think that nudes and neutral/everyday colours are easier to find in Boots or Superdrug at a lower price, but MAC still do those shades very well.

The Reds

Lady Danger (Matte), So Chaud (Matte), Ruby Woo(Matte), Riri Woo (Retro Matte)

I really love red lipsticks, and I don't believe that anyone can't pull off a red; it just has to be the right shade. My skin tone is quite warm but fair, and my features are dark, so I suit most shades of red (fortunately for me!) Matte is my favourite formula of lipstick, as they're less likely to smudge, and more long-wearing. Something you may notice about these shades is that Lady Danger and So Chaud are very similar, as are Ruby Woo and Riri Woo. You can barely notice a difference between the shades, so I wouldn't recommend buying all of these. I'd recommend Lady Danger and Riri Woo the most.

The Pinks

Creme Cup (Cremesheen), Pink Nouveau (Satin), Candy Yum-Yum (Matte)

I don't purchase many pink shades, because I'm simply not into pink very much at all, but I do love and wear these 3 shades, especially Creme Cup - which I highly recommend anyone to buy, especially if you are fair, as it is so wearable and comfortable on the lips. Pink Nouveau is what I'd describe as a wearable bright pink, it's not neon or too flashy like Candy Yum-Yum, but it's definitely a pop of colour, great for spring or summer. Candy Yum-Yum is a great, unique shade, which can definitely be hard to pull off, so I'd recommend going natural on the eyes with this one. It does have an amazing formula that lasts a long time and even stains the lips - the swatch stained my arm even after removing with an oil!

The Berrys/Purples

Up The Amp (Amplified), Rebel (Satin)

I love purple toned lipsticks, I wish they suited me more than they actually do though. As my skin is quite yellow, they contrast too much sometimes, so I have to make the rest of my makeup work around these colours. I've also found that Up The Amp turns pink on my lips after a few minutes of wearing it, so I have to apply a lighter lipstick as a base first to get the true colour. Rebel is an amazing berry shade that is much lighter than it looks in the tube. I'd definitely recommend it for Autumn/Winter.

From my MAC collection, my favourites and most worn are Creme Cup and Riri Woo. Creme Cup is great for everyday or with heavy eye makeup, and Riri Woo has amazing staying power.

Creme Cup, Pink Nouveau, Candy Yum-Yum, Lady Danger, So Chaud, Ruby Woo, Riri Woo, Up The Amp, Rebel

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Thanks for reading!
Bee x

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