Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Battle of the Mascaras!

Currently I've noticed that I have a lot of mascaras floating around my makeup bag, mostly from Christmas gift sets. I'm not one to stick to one particular mascara and repurchase it, simply because I haven't yet found my "perfect" mascara. My lashes are short and straight, therefore I look for mascaras that give me length, and hold a curl - without smudging or flaking!

So far, a few that I have enjoyed (though I wouldn't say they are my holy grail) are YSL's Babydoll Mascara, Maybelline's The Falsies & The Rocket (Both waterproof), and L'oreal's Million Lashes Mascara.

Mascaras that I dislike: Benefit's They're real, Revlon's Grow Luscious, Maybelline's Illegal Lengths, YSL Shocking Mascara.

Here are some mini reviews of the mascaras that I am currently testing out!

Claims to lengthen, thicken, separate, lift, curl, and volumize by up to 345% after two coats.
345%?! I definitely don't think that it does that much, but it is a decent mascara. I still have to use eyelash curlers, but it does hold the curl for most of the day, even though it is not a waterproof mascara. The one thing that I do not like about this mascara is the brush - it's plastic bristles are so sharp, and if you're like me and you often poke yourself in the eye... ouch!
Rated: 3.5/5

Unique dual-sided brush enhances lash volume while a “Black Diamond” shade dresses lashes in a deep and glamorous intensity. Eyelashes are enhanced from the ends to the tips, revealing a fuller, dramatic eye makeup look.
I love the brush on this one, it's a fibre brush, with a tapered end - the brush kind of resembles a Christmas tree! This mascara holds a curl, and lengthens well. I'm not sure I notice a difference from the "Black Diamond" shade, but that's not what I was looking for in a mascara.
Rated: 4/5

False Lash Effect's biggest brush ever doubles lash size appearance vs. bare lashes.
I've always liked the False Lash Effect mascaras, specifically False Lash Effect Fusion (the purple tube). I don't enjoy this one as much as the "Fusion" version, it doesn't seem to lengthen or separate as much. However, I enjoy this mascara as it's a nice alternative on more natural makeup days, as it is not as harsh as black, but still darkens my lashes and makes them stand out. This mascara also holds a curl, as most waterproof mascaras do.
Rated: 3/5

My top pick out of these is definitely the Lancôme mascara, but I would like a mascara with more length. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment, I'd love to try something new! 

What is your favourite mascara?

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