Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My MAC Lipsticks

  I really do love a good MAC lipstick, I suppose you could say they're a guilty pleasure of mine - if you see me at a MAC counter, my hand will no doubt be covered in lipstick swatches. Realistically though, you can find amazing lipsticks for a much lower price elsewhere, but nothing beats the amazing selection of colours that MAC produce.

One thing I must mention though, is the frequent price increase. MAC recently raised the price to £15.50, which is starting to become a little bit steep for me. Just a few years ago I remember purchasing them for £13.50 each!

I currently have 9 shades in my collection, and as you can see I'm a big fan of colour on my lips. I think that nudes and neutral/everyday colours are easier to find in Boots or Superdrug at a lower price, but MAC still do those shades very well.

The Reds

Lady Danger (Matte), So Chaud (Matte), Ruby Woo(Matte), Riri Woo (Retro Matte)

I really love red lipsticks, and I don't believe that anyone can't pull off a red; it just has to be the right shade. My skin tone is quite warm but fair, and my features are dark, so I suit most shades of red (fortunately for me!) Matte is my favourite formula of lipstick, as they're less likely to smudge, and more long-wearing. Something you may notice about these shades is that Lady Danger and So Chaud are very similar, as are Ruby Woo and Riri Woo. You can barely notice a difference between the shades, so I wouldn't recommend buying all of these. I'd recommend Lady Danger and Riri Woo the most.

The Pinks

Creme Cup (Cremesheen), Pink Nouveau (Satin), Candy Yum-Yum (Matte)

I don't purchase many pink shades, because I'm simply not into pink very much at all, but I do love and wear these 3 shades, especially Creme Cup - which I highly recommend anyone to buy, especially if you are fair, as it is so wearable and comfortable on the lips. Pink Nouveau is what I'd describe as a wearable bright pink, it's not neon or too flashy like Candy Yum-Yum, but it's definitely a pop of colour, great for spring or summer. Candy Yum-Yum is a great, unique shade, which can definitely be hard to pull off, so I'd recommend going natural on the eyes with this one. It does have an amazing formula that lasts a long time and even stains the lips - the swatch stained my arm even after removing with an oil!

The Berrys/Purples

Up The Amp (Amplified), Rebel (Satin)

I love purple toned lipsticks, I wish they suited me more than they actually do though. As my skin is quite yellow, they contrast too much sometimes, so I have to make the rest of my makeup work around these colours. I've also found that Up The Amp turns pink on my lips after a few minutes of wearing it, so I have to apply a lighter lipstick as a base first to get the true colour. Rebel is an amazing berry shade that is much lighter than it looks in the tube. I'd definitely recommend it for Autumn/Winter.

From my MAC collection, my favourites and most worn are Creme Cup and Riri Woo. Creme Cup is great for everyday or with heavy eye makeup, and Riri Woo has amazing staying power.

Creme Cup, Pink Nouveau, Candy Yum-Yum, Lady Danger, So Chaud, Ruby Woo, Riri Woo, Up The Amp, Rebel

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Thanks for reading!
Bee x

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