Tuesday, 12 August 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

This release was so exciting to me, I went straight out to buy it. I've been told multiple different things about the release date; online says 20th August, my local YSL counter said the 10th. Regardless of whatever the official release date is, my local counter said they would sell it to me early, though they were not allowed to advertise this. 

It seems there was a huge hype surrounding this release, glamour magazine wrote that there are 12,000 women on the waiting list to buy it (hmm, not so sure... I'd assume it's actually a waiting list for samples).

 I matched myself to the shade B10, which matches me very well (I don't trust other people tmatch me anymore, I was once matched to BR40!) I'm an NC15 in MAC, B10 in Chanel for reference.

What it claims:
The art of a perfect complexion without compromise, 24-hour wear and comfort. Flawless coverage for a perfectly even and luminous matte finish. A new hybrid technology for a texture as light and fine as ink, yet perfectly concealing. The result is natural and imperceptible, offering all women the freedom of a perfect complexion all day long.

The truth:
I can't say I've tested it for 24 hours, but really, who would?! I definitely do agree that it feels very comfortable on the skin, this comes down to it being so thin and liquidy - but not greasy - in texture. I find that it has a light to medium coverage, which only builds to medium, with a semi-matte finish. "Luminous matte" is actually a good description of this, it's matte enough for oily skin, but it doesn't make you look flat or unhealthy. The result is very natural, it's almost invisible on the skin, unless you have dry areas, which it can tend to cling to and accentuate.

YSL Le Teint Encre De Peau B10 swatched, partially blended

Blended fully with fingertips, almost invisible on the skin.

I have very oily skin all year round, most foundations become oily and start to break up after 4-6 hours. This lasts quite well, and doesn't so much break up and look gross as it does simply get shiny and fade away, which I definitely prefer! It helps to use good oil controlling skincare and a nice fine powder with any
 makeup if you have the same problems as me, but this foundation will last even longer if you take these steps.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this if you have normal to oily skin, though perhaps not if you struggle with dry patches.

A free 7 day trial is available in Debenhams stores, I'd definitely suggest that you try it.

The product is available now online and instore at Debenhams for £30.50 - there is currently an offer on to receive 1500 beauty club card points (£15 to spend) if you spend over £50 on YSL.

Did you like this foundation? Tell me your thoughts :)

Thanks for reading!
Bee xx

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