Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cocktail Cosmetics Haul: Lime Crime, OCC, Sigma!

A few days ago I posted about my visit to the new Cocktail Cosmetics store in Birmingham, where I obviously had to purchase a few bits, so here is my haul!

Firstly I headed straight for the Lime Crime display since I've never had a chance to try any of their products before. They had an amazing selection of products, including testers to try out. I would've left the store with a rainbow on my hand had there not been any wipes!

Red Velvet Velvetine, Serpentina Opaque Lipstick, Airborne Unicorn Opaque Lipstick, My Beautiful Rocket Opaque Lipstick, Wicked Velvetine.

Do I even need to comment on the amazing packaging?! The middle lipstick is the regular packaging, the other two are the 6th year anniversary packaging.

You're probably wondering why I picked a metallic green, lilac-purple, and bright orange... So am I! I'm very comfortable wearing bright colours - reds, purples, hot pinks, etc, so I decided that it was time to become a little more adventurous. I've worn all of these colours (inside the house so far!) and I actually really love all of them - even the green, I could definitely see myself wearing it out.

Swatches: My Beautiful Rocket, Serpentina, Airborne Unicorn

I'm very impressed with the formula of the lipsticks, especially Serpentina, which is surprisingly smooth considering the sparkle! I haven't tested how long wearing they are yet, but I don't think there will be an issue, the swatches were difficult to remove.

The next things I grabbed were two velvetines - I knew I wanted Wicked before I even entered the store, and I went back for Red Velvet because I knew I'd regret not buying it.

Wicked, Red Velvet

Swatches: Wicked, Red Velvet

These swatches really don't do the Velvetines justice - they go on so smooth and opaque. They can be a little tricky to apply as they're a liquid lipstick, so it's best to not use these in a rush. Once they dry they become completely matte - with a velvet finish - hence the name.

The most impressive thing about these is that they just don't come off. The swatches are still faintly visible on my arm even after scrubbing, showering, etc. I tested Wicked when going for a meal, and it stayed put perfectly. Definitely my new favourite shade!

Sigma's Tapered Highlighter F35

Considering brushes are my weakness, I did very well to only come away with one. I've purchases a few Sigma brushes in the past, but I have always wanted a brush of this shape for under the eyes/highlighting. The brush itself is very soft, and I really enjoy using it. Unfortunately, Sigma are a lot less affordable than they used to be, their prices are similar to MAC's now.

Lastly, is an OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tar in Hush. It's a light peachy nude, that may be slightly to pale for me to wear alone, so I think I'll be picking up a deeper colour next time. The great thing about these is that all shades can be mixed to create your own customised lip colour.

Swatch: Hush Lip Tar

In the swatch it doesn't look too light, but on the lips it appears as a very light nude.

Freebie - with the Sigma brush I received a free mini brush cleaning glove which I have always wanted to try, I'll let you know how it is!

I really like everything I purchased and can't wait to go back for more, I would love to collect all of the Lime Crime colours, they're so unique.

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you think I should try next?

Thanks for reading!
Bee xx

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  1. I love Lime Crime lipsticks and looks like you've got a great bunch there!
    Anna x


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