Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Revolution: Blush & Contour Palette

Revolution is a new brand to Superdrug which is very affordable - prices are comparable to MUA. So far I have only tested a concealer (which I wasn't fond of) and a lipstick (which was definitely decent) but I really wanted to get my hands on one of their Blush & Contour palettes before I judged the brand. This palette retails for £6, which sounds like a bargain for 8 shades!

I like their packaging, simple black with rose gold - very on trend, and not cheap looking at all.

I really love that they include pictures of the shades on the outer packaging, and that they actually do match the powders inside.

Again, the actual packaging of the product is very sleek, professional looking and definitely something I would add to my professional kit.

Blush & Contour Palette - Hot Spice

The colours in the pans are beautiful to look at, 2 shades seem to be matte, 3 have a slight sheen, 1 has small glitter particles, and the 2 on the right have an almost metallic highlight effect.

Here are the shades swatched from left to right. They are definitely all very pigmented, though they are slightly powdery when you dip a brush in. However, this does not cause them to have a patchy appearance when applied to the skin.

I don't usually have a problem with blushes not lasting, so they last just about as well as any other blush.

The one concern that I have with this product is they are claiming it can be used for contouring. None of these shades would be suitable for that on any skintone, they are all far too peachy and warm. I think they should have named it "Blush & Highlight Palette"

Overall I am pleased with the product and will definitely continue to use it, I think I will also pick up the pink toned version of this.

Let me know if you've tried this, or any other products from Revolution. Did you like them?
What would you recommend from the brand?

Thanks for reading!
Bee xx

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